Tuesday, April 29, 2014

French Biologist : Critical Earth in 2020

Human population worldwide is currently estimated approximately 7.2 billion people . The United Nations predicts the world population will be 9.6 billion people by 2050 . Amount swollen human population was not comparable to the current food production capacity . Humans are on the verge of extinction , if not immediately adapt and overcome the problem of food and the environment .

Gilles Boeuf , a professor of marine biology from the College de France , said the man would be extinct because it was unable to overcome the problems created by itself . " The cause of human extinction is not due to a meteorite fall , but if humans are able to adapt to itself , " said Boeuf told Tempo in Jakarta , 23 April 2014 .
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Boeuf who also teaches at the University Pierre et Marrie Curie 's visit to Indonesia of 14 April to 3 May 2014 . He became speaker in a public lecture on biodiversity held at the French Institute and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences in Jakarta, Indonesia , April 15 . Boeuf also visited and gave lectures in several cities , such as Yogyakarta , Bogor , and Pontianak .

For thousands of years , according to Boeuf , humans are able to adapt to the surrounding environment . But he doubts humans could survive the drastic conditions of the population spike . " Humans can adapt in the past , but when the numbers are not as they are now . Then how the number seven billion like now ? " said Boeuf , who is President of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris .

Boeuf says humans are currently facing economic crisis , financial , and ecological as well . Human activities that exploit natural resources and pollute the environment excessively bring harm to nature conservation and biodiversity .

These conditions endanger the survival of diverse species , including humans . Millennium Ecosystem Assessment report in 2005 showed the rate of extinction of species jumped 300 times faster than the rate of evolution in the past .

Some scientists predict Earth will experience a critical period in 2040 . "In my opinion , the future will happen in 2020 , " said Boeuf . " Referring to the carbon emissions reduction scheme adopted countries today, the year 2020 will be the benchmark of success . "

Time , according to Boeuf , is the main enemy when dealing with issues of ecology , geology , paleontology , and evolution . A hundred years has been rapid in the scale of evolution , but long for human life . " Within a hundred years , forests in Kalimantan area of ​​88 million square kilometers may have been destroyed , " said Boeuf .

Boeuf said maintaining biodiversity is an important way for humans to survive . Teach the importance of biodiversity in children age 4-5 years , he said , they will grow into a generation that appreciates nature .

The government , according to Boeuf , also need to set aside money for environmental conservation . Create a budget to do their own research , he suggests , do not just wait from strangers . " We can help you , but you must do it yourself with the scientists themselves . "


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