Thursday, May 1, 2014

This New Students, Create Construction of Plastic Crates

Under the guidance of Richard Douzjian studio instructor , the students create a temporary structure made ​​of objects that are easily accessible in order to be built in emergencies . The refugees can use it without spending much money .

Projects that attracted the most attention because of the simplicity of the raw material is " ECS - p1 " . This project only uses two materials , namely plastic crates used to carry bottles and tis cable . Indeed , on the basis of this construction , the students also include concrete blocks as ballast .
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Although only two raw materials that can be obtained with ease , this construction has many advantages . Because it has space , each crate can play doubles as storage space .

This construction is considered better than the students in refugee tents . In hot and dry climates , these structures offer natural light into the structure , ventilation , and cooler than the tent .

" ECS - p1 " provide a space of 9 square meters . The students need 416 crates and working time between five to seven hours .

This project uses a " consumerist vernacular architecture " . Construction made ​​by the students can be reused in other locations , particularly if it is not broken . In addition , the raw materials can be recycled .


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