Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ERP Trial Swedish company, Sidewalk Sudirman Disassembled

Swedish company , Kapsch started to test the implementation of pay road system ( electronic road pricing - ERP ) . The company began the demolition of the sidewalk right in front of Bank Panin side Ratu Plaza , Jalan Sudirman , Central Jakarta .

One of the Task Force and Funeral Department Iyan Faliyan Jakarta said it has started work on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) this . " The work was to test underground utilities by private parties , " said Iyan , told reporters at the site of the work .
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Staff of the Department of Public Works for Utilities Network Facilities , Guntur said the private sector should be careful in unpacking the sidewalk . Therefore , many utilities are located underground , such as fiber optics , water pipes , electricity , and others .

" I also ask the private sector must not unpack the sidewalk only. , But also to be able to spruce up their jobs , not to endanger pedestrians , " said Thunder.

In the implementation of the trial , the city government did not use the budget , but the cost of private . The trial will be conducted along Jalan Sudirman to Jalan MH Thamrin . Meanwhile , the entry gate will start from the front of Ratu Plaza , Central Jakarta .

" Drilling for installation of gate ( gate ) sensor on board unit ( OBU ) , " said Thunder.

The plan , the implementation of ERP trials will be conducted in July 2014. The trial was carried out through the ERP implementation by providing the tools to OBU 30-50 cars at random . Meanwhile , cars were selected that often move in Jalan Sudirman and Thamrin .

Meanwhile , for vehicles that do not have the OBU , but reckless passing lane will be ticketed electronically ERP . In addition to the Jalan Thamrin and Sudirman , ERP plans will also be applied in the way of other protocols , such as the Jalan HR . Rasuna Said and Gatot Subroto .

Based on the observation , in front of Panin Bank Building , construction demolition sidewalk was closed by a wooden banner covered . The banner reads " We are sorry There Construction Work Trials Electronic Road Pricing ( ERP ) " .

There emblem Jaya Raya Jakarta government identity , image sensor gate OBU , as well as the names of the bidders ERP manager .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Clarification JK's remarks about the Critics pencapresan Jokowi

Candidates vice president Jusuf Kalla video clarifying statement that criticized Joko Widodo as widely touted as a presidential candidate that will be carried PDI-P . Now , JK accompany Jokowi as a candidate in 2014 presidential elections .

According to JK , the statement was thrown when Jokowi three months into the new Jakarta governor . In view of JK , then, Jokowi not have the experience to be president of Indonesia .

" The period of 2-3 months would directly proposed ? " JK said , after visiting the residence of the founder of the Golkar Party , Suhardiman , at Jalan Batu Kramat , Cipete , South Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .
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JK said , when he saw a figure Jokowi not do a lot of things to Jakarta . Therefore , he suggested that Jokowi first gain experience as Governor of Jakarta . However , further JK , after almost two years , Jokowi considered pocketed enough experience to go forward as a presidential candidate .

" I see , observe , the steps he is doing quite well . And I see he's got the ability , " said JK .

Therefore , further JK , he was willing to accompany Jokowi as a running mate . Together Jokowi , JK said , will form a government that combines knowledge and experience . According to him , if Jokowi knowledge combined with the experience they have , will manifest a better order than before .

"God willing, this government will be much better , " said JK .


Friday, May 23, 2014

This afternoon, Verification and Health Administration Candidates Announced

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) has conducted administrative verification and medical examination of the prospective partner participants president and vice president Presidential Election ( Election) 2014. Verification results will be presented on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) afternoon .

" Saturday afternoon in the office of the Commission , at around 16:00 pm we will submit the file to the representatives of the party , " said Kurnia Rizkiyansyah Ferry Commissioner Commission in Jakarta on Saturday .

He said that the results will be delivered through a joint liaison officer of the party or candidate representatives and the vice presidential running mate in 2014 .
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Previously , the Commission had explained the requirements that must be met when the presidential and vice presidential candidate enrolled . One of them is the support of a political party or coalition of political parties that obtain at least 20 percent of the seats in the House of Representatives or 25 percent of the valid votes in the last pileg , as well as a number of administrative records .

KPU itself provides two related phases presidential and vice presidential candidate registration , ie file transfer on May 18 to 20 as well as future improvements completeness of the file must be submitted no later than May 27.

Determination of the names of the presidential and vice presidential spouse took place on May 31, 2014 to then capture the serial number of presidential and vice presidential spouse made ​​on June 1, 2014 .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Drawing and Writing, Most Difficult Tests for Jokowi

Joko Widodo presidential candidates reveal two medical tests at the Army Central Hospital Gatot Subroto most difficult for him . What is it?

" The most difficult , for we are tired of existing psychological tests to draw , write , answer the list of questions to 520 .

Continue to the second , his treadmill jog earlier , " he said after a medical check- up on Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) evening .
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Reporters asked how many minutes Jokowi can carry out a treadmill . Jokowi said he did not remember . " I'm part of his run , not part of how minute . Was asked to see a doctor ," he said .

Jokowi admitted , although 10 hours is checked from one room to another , Jusuf Kalla himself and still feel healthy and fresh .
It was said to be considering he has three times the carrying out of similar medical tests .

Medical screening examination that is a requirement for partner candidates for president and vice president after registering in the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .
The examination began at 08.00 am and finish approximately 17:30 pm .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Basuki: 2-3 Month Period Baseball There's Signature Document in Jakarta

If Joko Widodo has been the governor off , the Deputy Governor of DKI Tjahaja Basuki Purnama be Acting ( Acting ) Governor of Jakarta . As Acting Governor , by Basuki , it can be signed and sign all documents in the capital , including the General Budget Policies and preliminary budget ceiling ( KUAPPAS ) and budget changes .

" Home Minister had decided me as Acting Governor . 2-3 month period in the city no signatures , baseball might be , " said Basuki at City Hall on Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

KUAPPAS will be set at the end of May this be a draft budget changes . Basuki believe , there would be no difficulty if Jokowi later resigned from the governor and focus to run for president . Besides being able to make various policies governor , governor Acting governor can use the operating costs .

"If it's the same budget - P KUAPPAS late or baseball , depending on the Parliament , especially members of Parliament is still long , many baseball kepilih again , then if there is a person who asked for severance before the breakup , it can be delayed , " said Basuki .

Acting governor 's powers contained in the Government Regulation ( PP ) No. 49 of 2008 on the third conversion of PP No. 6 of 2005 on elections , ratification , appointment , and dismissal of the head and deputy head of the region .

Then , Article 132 A states , Acting head of the region can make policy , but to cancel licenses previously issued or issued permits officials to the contrary , a policy of regional expansion of the previous conflicting , and governance policies and development programs previously officials . Special mutation can be excluded after obtaining the written approval of Home Minister .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Eid, the Company is advised Insist Early Employees

Deputy Transportation Minister Bambang Susantono suggest to business owners in order to provide the Eid holidays earlier than usual . It will greatly assist the government to manage the flow back and forth and back flow.

" Love the long holiday I'll be going home sooner . So the family 's departure could double , his first son , and then his father catch up , " said Bambang found in the Office of the Coordinating Ministry , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Bambang also appealed to the companies that provide holiday allowance ( THR ) far - away days before the Eid holiday . " Bottom line widths , peak current manjemen will be the center of attention ( all ) , " he added .
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The Deputy Minister explained , so far the Ministry of Transportation welcomes Eid preparations admittedly still lacking . Although double- cross lines of Java ( double track ) will be operational , but there is no addition of train travel .

" There prasaranan that has yet to be fulfilled . Though there is a case of double track , but it has not been added carriage capacity , " he explained .

Therefore , he hoped Organda also actively pick up passengers at the points where a lot of people doing a lot of activity going home . Organda increase the fleet is expected to anticipate the prospective travelers who are not transported trains .

MoT has also prepared two to three additional ferry , to going home with ocean freight activities . " Ferry that we prepare for the Jakarta - Semarang - Tegal , " he said .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Customers are welcome Mandiri Disadvantaged Police Report

Criminal Investigation Department ( Criminal Investigation ) Police provides the opportunity for the bank customers who want to make a statement following the blocking of their ATM cards . Blocking is done following the issue of the burglary of the bank customer's account at the branch office ( KCP ) Cipto Mangunkusumo , Central Jakarta .

According to the Head of Police Public Information Public Relations , Police Commissioner Agus Rianto , they can make a report if it found irregularities against them atm . Especially , Agus said , if there is a reduction in the amount of money in their atm .

" If there are customers themselves feel strange things and related suspicious accounts owned , it can directly also . Due to the concerned aggrieved , "Agus said at Police Headquarters , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .
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Until now , Agus said it has not received reports of alleged breaches of customer accounts from PT Bank Mandiri ( Persero ) . Thus, the police have not been able to ascertain how the chronology and types of crimes committed .

"Obviously the banks are more aware of it . Of course , we will get valid information after receiving the official report that there was theft of data or information regarding the ownership of the account of the customer , " he said .

Previously reported , many customers that the bank panic of blocking their ATM card on Monday ( 12/05/2014 ) . Some customers get a notification about the blocking of random , while others do not .

Panic struck the customers who do not activate mobile banking or SMS banking . News blocking ATM card bank also crowded discussed in social media networks .

Initially , the developing issue that caused the blocking action of hacking ( hacking ) to the data of Bank Mandiri ATM customers , but the issue was denied by the bank .

Bank 's own party denied if their security systems compromised by hackers . In addition, the Independent ensure that customers' money that his ATM blocked will not be lost .