Monday, May 19, 2014

Eid, the Company is advised Insist Early Employees

Deputy Transportation Minister Bambang Susantono suggest to business owners in order to provide the Eid holidays earlier than usual . It will greatly assist the government to manage the flow back and forth and back flow.

" Love the long holiday I'll be going home sooner . So the family 's departure could double , his first son , and then his father catch up , " said Bambang found in the Office of the Coordinating Ministry , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Bambang also appealed to the companies that provide holiday allowance ( THR ) far - away days before the Eid holiday . " Bottom line widths , peak current manjemen will be the center of attention ( all ) , " he added .
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The Deputy Minister explained , so far the Ministry of Transportation welcomes Eid preparations admittedly still lacking . Although double- cross lines of Java ( double track ) will be operational , but there is no addition of train travel .

" There prasaranan that has yet to be fulfilled . Though there is a case of double track , but it has not been added carriage capacity , " he explained .

Therefore , he hoped Organda also actively pick up passengers at the points where a lot of people doing a lot of activity going home . Organda increase the fleet is expected to anticipate the prospective travelers who are not transported trains .

MoT has also prepared two to three additional ferry , to going home with ocean freight activities . " Ferry that we prepare for the Jakarta - Semarang - Tegal , " he said .


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