Friday, May 23, 2014

This afternoon, Verification and Health Administration Candidates Announced

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) has conducted administrative verification and medical examination of the prospective partner participants president and vice president Presidential Election ( Election) 2014. Verification results will be presented on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) afternoon .

" Saturday afternoon in the office of the Commission , at around 16:00 pm we will submit the file to the representatives of the party , " said Kurnia Rizkiyansyah Ferry Commissioner Commission in Jakarta on Saturday .

He said that the results will be delivered through a joint liaison officer of the party or candidate representatives and the vice presidential running mate in 2014 .
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Previously , the Commission had explained the requirements that must be met when the presidential and vice presidential candidate enrolled . One of them is the support of a political party or coalition of political parties that obtain at least 20 percent of the seats in the House of Representatives or 25 percent of the valid votes in the last pileg , as well as a number of administrative records .

KPU itself provides two related phases presidential and vice presidential candidate registration , ie file transfer on May 18 to 20 as well as future improvements completeness of the file must be submitted no later than May 27.

Determination of the names of the presidential and vice presidential spouse took place on May 31, 2014 to then capture the serial number of presidential and vice presidential spouse made ​​on June 1, 2014 .


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