Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ERP Trial Swedish company, Sidewalk Sudirman Disassembled

Swedish company , Kapsch started to test the implementation of pay road system ( electronic road pricing - ERP ) . The company began the demolition of the sidewalk right in front of Bank Panin side Ratu Plaza , Jalan Sudirman , Central Jakarta .

One of the Task Force and Funeral Department Iyan Faliyan Jakarta said it has started work on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) this . " The work was to test underground utilities by private parties , " said Iyan , told reporters at the site of the work .
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Staff of the Department of Public Works for Utilities Network Facilities , Guntur said the private sector should be careful in unpacking the sidewalk . Therefore , many utilities are located underground , such as fiber optics , water pipes , electricity , and others .

" I also ask the private sector must not unpack the sidewalk only. , But also to be able to spruce up their jobs , not to endanger pedestrians , " said Thunder.

In the implementation of the trial , the city government did not use the budget , but the cost of private . The trial will be conducted along Jalan Sudirman to Jalan MH Thamrin . Meanwhile , the entry gate will start from the front of Ratu Plaza , Central Jakarta .

" Drilling for installation of gate ( gate ) sensor on board unit ( OBU ) , " said Thunder.

The plan , the implementation of ERP trials will be conducted in July 2014. The trial was carried out through the ERP implementation by providing the tools to OBU 30-50 cars at random . Meanwhile , cars were selected that often move in Jalan Sudirman and Thamrin .

Meanwhile , for vehicles that do not have the OBU , but reckless passing lane will be ticketed electronically ERP . In addition to the Jalan Thamrin and Sudirman , ERP plans will also be applied in the way of other protocols , such as the Jalan HR . Rasuna Said and Gatot Subroto .

Based on the observation , in front of Panin Bank Building , construction demolition sidewalk was closed by a wooden banner covered . The banner reads " We are sorry There Construction Work Trials Electronic Road Pricing ( ERP ) " .

There emblem Jaya Raya Jakarta government identity , image sensor gate OBU , as well as the names of the bidders ERP manager .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Clarification JK's remarks about the Critics pencapresan Jokowi

Candidates vice president Jusuf Kalla video clarifying statement that criticized Joko Widodo as widely touted as a presidential candidate that will be carried PDI-P . Now , JK accompany Jokowi as a candidate in 2014 presidential elections .

According to JK , the statement was thrown when Jokowi three months into the new Jakarta governor . In view of JK , then, Jokowi not have the experience to be president of Indonesia .

" The period of 2-3 months would directly proposed ? " JK said , after visiting the residence of the founder of the Golkar Party , Suhardiman , at Jalan Batu Kramat , Cipete , South Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .
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JK said , when he saw a figure Jokowi not do a lot of things to Jakarta . Therefore , he suggested that Jokowi first gain experience as Governor of Jakarta . However , further JK , after almost two years , Jokowi considered pocketed enough experience to go forward as a presidential candidate .

" I see , observe , the steps he is doing quite well . And I see he's got the ability , " said JK .

Therefore , further JK , he was willing to accompany Jokowi as a running mate . Together Jokowi , JK said , will form a government that combines knowledge and experience . According to him , if Jokowi knowledge combined with the experience they have , will manifest a better order than before .

"God willing, this government will be much better , " said JK .


Friday, May 23, 2014

This afternoon, Verification and Health Administration Candidates Announced

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) has conducted administrative verification and medical examination of the prospective partner participants president and vice president Presidential Election ( Election) 2014. Verification results will be presented on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) afternoon .

" Saturday afternoon in the office of the Commission , at around 16:00 pm we will submit the file to the representatives of the party , " said Kurnia Rizkiyansyah Ferry Commissioner Commission in Jakarta on Saturday .

He said that the results will be delivered through a joint liaison officer of the party or candidate representatives and the vice presidential running mate in 2014 .
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Previously , the Commission had explained the requirements that must be met when the presidential and vice presidential candidate enrolled . One of them is the support of a political party or coalition of political parties that obtain at least 20 percent of the seats in the House of Representatives or 25 percent of the valid votes in the last pileg , as well as a number of administrative records .

KPU itself provides two related phases presidential and vice presidential candidate registration , ie file transfer on May 18 to 20 as well as future improvements completeness of the file must be submitted no later than May 27.

Determination of the names of the presidential and vice presidential spouse took place on May 31, 2014 to then capture the serial number of presidential and vice presidential spouse made ​​on June 1, 2014 .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Drawing and Writing, Most Difficult Tests for Jokowi

Joko Widodo presidential candidates reveal two medical tests at the Army Central Hospital Gatot Subroto most difficult for him . What is it?

" The most difficult , for we are tired of existing psychological tests to draw , write , answer the list of questions to 520 .

Continue to the second , his treadmill jog earlier , " he said after a medical check- up on Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) evening .
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Reporters asked how many minutes Jokowi can carry out a treadmill . Jokowi said he did not remember . " I'm part of his run , not part of how minute . Was asked to see a doctor ," he said .

Jokowi admitted , although 10 hours is checked from one room to another , Jusuf Kalla himself and still feel healthy and fresh .
It was said to be considering he has three times the carrying out of similar medical tests .

Medical screening examination that is a requirement for partner candidates for president and vice president after registering in the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .
The examination began at 08.00 am and finish approximately 17:30 pm .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Basuki: 2-3 Month Period Baseball There's Signature Document in Jakarta

If Joko Widodo has been the governor off , the Deputy Governor of DKI Tjahaja Basuki Purnama be Acting ( Acting ) Governor of Jakarta . As Acting Governor , by Basuki , it can be signed and sign all documents in the capital , including the General Budget Policies and preliminary budget ceiling ( KUAPPAS ) and budget changes .

" Home Minister had decided me as Acting Governor . 2-3 month period in the city no signatures , baseball might be , " said Basuki at City Hall on Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

KUAPPAS will be set at the end of May this be a draft budget changes . Basuki believe , there would be no difficulty if Jokowi later resigned from the governor and focus to run for president . Besides being able to make various policies governor , governor Acting governor can use the operating costs .

"If it's the same budget - P KUAPPAS late or baseball , depending on the Parliament , especially members of Parliament is still long , many baseball kepilih again , then if there is a person who asked for severance before the breakup , it can be delayed , " said Basuki .

Acting governor 's powers contained in the Government Regulation ( PP ) No. 49 of 2008 on the third conversion of PP No. 6 of 2005 on elections , ratification , appointment , and dismissal of the head and deputy head of the region .

Then , Article 132 A states , Acting head of the region can make policy , but to cancel licenses previously issued or issued permits officials to the contrary , a policy of regional expansion of the previous conflicting , and governance policies and development programs previously officials . Special mutation can be excluded after obtaining the written approval of Home Minister .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Eid, the Company is advised Insist Early Employees

Deputy Transportation Minister Bambang Susantono suggest to business owners in order to provide the Eid holidays earlier than usual . It will greatly assist the government to manage the flow back and forth and back flow.

" Love the long holiday I'll be going home sooner . So the family 's departure could double , his first son , and then his father catch up , " said Bambang found in the Office of the Coordinating Ministry , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Bambang also appealed to the companies that provide holiday allowance ( THR ) far - away days before the Eid holiday . " Bottom line widths , peak current manjemen will be the center of attention ( all ) , " he added .
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The Deputy Minister explained , so far the Ministry of Transportation welcomes Eid preparations admittedly still lacking . Although double- cross lines of Java ( double track ) will be operational , but there is no addition of train travel .

" There prasaranan that has yet to be fulfilled . Though there is a case of double track , but it has not been added carriage capacity , " he explained .

Therefore , he hoped Organda also actively pick up passengers at the points where a lot of people doing a lot of activity going home . Organda increase the fleet is expected to anticipate the prospective travelers who are not transported trains .

MoT has also prepared two to three additional ferry , to going home with ocean freight activities . " Ferry that we prepare for the Jakarta - Semarang - Tegal , " he said .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Customers are welcome Mandiri Disadvantaged Police Report

Criminal Investigation Department ( Criminal Investigation ) Police provides the opportunity for the bank customers who want to make a statement following the blocking of their ATM cards . Blocking is done following the issue of the burglary of the bank customer's account at the branch office ( KCP ) Cipto Mangunkusumo , Central Jakarta .

According to the Head of Police Public Information Public Relations , Police Commissioner Agus Rianto , they can make a report if it found irregularities against them atm . Especially , Agus said , if there is a reduction in the amount of money in their atm .

" If there are customers themselves feel strange things and related suspicious accounts owned , it can directly also . Due to the concerned aggrieved , "Agus said at Police Headquarters , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) .
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Until now , Agus said it has not received reports of alleged breaches of customer accounts from PT Bank Mandiri ( Persero ) . Thus, the police have not been able to ascertain how the chronology and types of crimes committed .

"Obviously the banks are more aware of it . Of course , we will get valid information after receiving the official report that there was theft of data or information regarding the ownership of the account of the customer , " he said .

Previously reported , many customers that the bank panic of blocking their ATM card on Monday ( 12/05/2014 ) . Some customers get a notification about the blocking of random , while others do not .

Panic struck the customers who do not activate mobile banking or SMS banking . News blocking ATM card bank also crowded discussed in social media networks .

Initially , the developing issue that caused the blocking action of hacking ( hacking ) to the data of Bank Mandiri ATM customers , but the issue was denied by the bank .

Bank 's own party denied if their security systems compromised by hackers . In addition, the Independent ensure that customers' money that his ATM blocked will not be lost .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Farmers Purchasing Power Back Down

Having had improved in March 2014 , the purchasing power of farmers going down in April 2014 . Purchasing power of farmers as reflected in the exchange rate of the farmers ( NTP ) down 0.06 percent at 101.80 in April 2014 .

From the official news Statistical Central Bureau of Statistics , written on Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) , due to a decrease in NTP Index of Prices Received by Farmers ( It ) fell 0.05 percent . While the Index of Prices Paid by Farmers ( Ib ) only increased by 0.01 percent . In other words , the price index of agricultural production has decreased .
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While the price index of goods and services consumed by households and to increase agricultural production purposes .

BPS data also mentioned , NTP decrease in April 2014 due to a decrease in food crops NTP significant , amounting to 1.14 percent , although four other sub-sectors increased .

Subsectors is increased horticultural crops ( 0.39 percent ) , smallholder tree crops ( 0.74 percent ) , livestock ( 0.19 percent ) , and fisheries ( 0.21 percent ) .

NTP national average of 101.80 is obtained from the results of monitoring prices in 33 rural provinces in Indonesia in April 2014 . A total of 16 provinces experienced an increase , while 17 provinces decreased . DKI Jakarta recorded the highest increase of 1.23 percent NTP . Meanwhile, West Java fell 0.81 percent the largest NTP .

Note , NTP April is the second lowest in the first quarter of 2014. Consecutive since January 2014, the national average of 101.95 NTP , NTP February ( 101.79 ) , NTP March ( 101.86 ) , and the last NTP April ( 101.80 ) .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

This New Students, Create Construction of Plastic Crates

Under the guidance of Richard Douzjian studio instructor , the students create a temporary structure made ​​of objects that are easily accessible in order to be built in emergencies . The refugees can use it without spending much money .

Projects that attracted the most attention because of the simplicity of the raw material is " ECS - p1 " . This project only uses two materials , namely plastic crates used to carry bottles and tis cable . Indeed , on the basis of this construction , the students also include concrete blocks as ballast .
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Although only two raw materials that can be obtained with ease , this construction has many advantages . Because it has space , each crate can play doubles as storage space .

This construction is considered better than the students in refugee tents . In hot and dry climates , these structures offer natural light into the structure , ventilation , and cooler than the tent .

" ECS - p1 " provide a space of 9 square meters . The students need 416 crates and working time between five to seven hours .

This project uses a " consumerist vernacular architecture " . Construction made ​​by the students can be reused in other locations , particularly if it is not broken . In addition , the raw materials can be recycled .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

French Biologist : Critical Earth in 2020

Human population worldwide is currently estimated approximately 7.2 billion people . The United Nations predicts the world population will be 9.6 billion people by 2050 . Amount swollen human population was not comparable to the current food production capacity . Humans are on the verge of extinction , if not immediately adapt and overcome the problem of food and the environment .

Gilles Boeuf , a professor of marine biology from the College de France , said the man would be extinct because it was unable to overcome the problems created by itself . " The cause of human extinction is not due to a meteorite fall , but if humans are able to adapt to itself , " said Boeuf told Tempo in Jakarta , 23 April 2014 .
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Boeuf who also teaches at the University Pierre et Marrie Curie 's visit to Indonesia of 14 April to 3 May 2014 . He became speaker in a public lecture on biodiversity held at the French Institute and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences in Jakarta, Indonesia , April 15 . Boeuf also visited and gave lectures in several cities , such as Yogyakarta , Bogor , and Pontianak .

For thousands of years , according to Boeuf , humans are able to adapt to the surrounding environment . But he doubts humans could survive the drastic conditions of the population spike . " Humans can adapt in the past , but when the numbers are not as they are now . Then how the number seven billion like now ? " said Boeuf , who is President of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris .

Boeuf says humans are currently facing economic crisis , financial , and ecological as well . Human activities that exploit natural resources and pollute the environment excessively bring harm to nature conservation and biodiversity .

These conditions endanger the survival of diverse species , including humans . Millennium Ecosystem Assessment report in 2005 showed the rate of extinction of species jumped 300 times faster than the rate of evolution in the past .

Some scientists predict Earth will experience a critical period in 2040 . "In my opinion , the future will happen in 2020 , " said Boeuf . " Referring to the carbon emissions reduction scheme adopted countries today, the year 2020 will be the benchmark of success . "

Time , according to Boeuf , is the main enemy when dealing with issues of ecology , geology , paleontology , and evolution . A hundred years has been rapid in the scale of evolution , but long for human life . " Within a hundred years , forests in Kalimantan area of ​​88 million square kilometers may have been destroyed , " said Boeuf .

Boeuf said maintaining biodiversity is an important way for humans to survive . Teach the importance of biodiversity in children age 4-5 years , he said , they will grow into a generation that appreciates nature .

The government , according to Boeuf , also need to set aside money for environmental conservation . Create a budget to do their own research , he suggests , do not just wait from strangers . " We can help you , but you must do it yourself with the scientists themselves . "


Monday, April 28, 2014

Symptoms of Virus Infection Identified MERS Difficult

Corona virus infection Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus ( MERS ) that appears in a number of areas Saudi Arabia and some parts of Europe such as Egypt have increased fears of international scale . Until now , all because of the increased vigilance of effective drugs and vaccines are still unaccounted for .

Meanwhile , the total reported deaths continues to rise . Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health released a total death toll has reached 102 people with hundreds of people known to be infected .
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Symptoms caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory system include cough , fever , shortness of breath , to shortness of breath. Some patients known to suffer from gastrointestinal problems such as pneumonia and diarrhea . Some had kidney failure .

According to Reuters , nearly 40 percent of people diagnosed positive MERS died . Nevertheless , it is still not known how they got infected to death because visible symptoms are not severe enough .

Reporting from Latin Post , professor of the Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre at The University of Queensland , Ian Mackay said in his blog based on limited previous studies , it remains unclear how the virus spread MERS . Chances are, he added , because the symptoms of MERS does not vary much with other respiratory tract infections .

Strongly recommended for patients with respiratory disorders gelaja to wear a mask when in public areas to avoid spread of the virus . In particular , its use in the clinic also hospitals where patients with the above symptoms .

In Saudi Arabia , MERS cases increased from just one to three cases per day to 10 cases per day . WHO said some states also reported cases of MERS since April 16 . At least MERS cases known to be in Arabia , the United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Tunisia , Malaysia , Philippines , UK , Germany and France . Most of the cases , either directly or indirectly related to the East Tengah.


Apple Function Block Texting While Driving Users

A piece of new technology suggests that Apple is developing a technology that automatically turn off the iPhone texting capabilities ( send - and - receive message ) if the user is known to be behind the wheel . With so is expected to help reduce the potential for accidents due to distractions while driving .

Since Apple automotive projects ( Car Play and Siri Eyes Free ) is applied to more vehicles last year , the company continued to boil series of in-car technology . A document found on Tuesday ( 22/4 ) Apple titled " iOS in the car " ( IOS in the car ) initiated a further system of iOS 7 . U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ) published Apple's U.S. Patent No. 8,706,143 entitled to patent " Lock the handheld computer device driver , " an intelligent system that will determine whether the user is in the driving status , and then close the phone functions will interfere with concentration .
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There are two main embodiment of the invention in this patent of Apple . First , concentrate on lock - out mechanism that does not require any input from the vehicle , instead use on-board sensors to determine when the user is driving . The second embodiment , the vehicle is able to send a blocking signal to the iPhone , which effectively stop users from receiving and sending text , or use any other smartphone functions when in the driving seat .

Without the input of the car , the iPhone relies on motion analysis and data from landscaping to trigger the lock - out mechanism . Mobile components ranging from the accelerometer , camera , light sensor , GPS catcher and other sensing components can be used to generate raw data .

Speed ​​motion analyzer component monitoring device so that when a certain limit is reached , an indication of a moving car . Data from the GPS and accelerometer iPhone also adds to the accuracy of the system, which can be used to see if the user was walking , running , or in a moving motor vehicle .

Working landscape analysis is more complicated , in some embodiments it requires the acquisition and to determine if the image of the holder when the device is in the operating area "safe " or "unsafe " . For example , the algorithm analyzer may find that user in the driver's seat by analyzing a photo or video that shows one face and the steering wheel . Alternatively , if the analyzer see two faces , one in the driver seat and one in the passenger seat , the owner of the device can be classified as being in the " safe zone . " Furthermore , the accelerometer can be used to make sure people who do not hold the device away from the cockpit the driver to avoid the analysis . After the introduction and a complete analysis of the data , lock - out mechanism can be activated according to predefined rules . For example , texting may be blocked if the holder is found driving .

The second embodiment is quite easy , the car communicates with the iPhone via RFID or radio signal is active . In this case , the ship sensors , wireless triggers fire - proximity bersensor or other devices that can communicate , blocking signals to the nearest phone , disable SMS and other annoying features .

Another important function of the Apple invention includes parental lock-out function which disables features that can be selected smartphone users related , via certain locking or phone . There is no information about whether Apple intends to incorporate a lock- out function to a future version of iOS , otherwise this feature is also no mention was made in the introduction CarPlay . As mentioned in the patent document , such a mechanism would be the " key to significant sales in the eyes of parents are concerned , and could lead to new legislation requiring all handheld computing devices to disable texting while driving . "

Apple handheld device locking patent was first filed in 2008 and granted credit on behalf of John Greer Elias as the inventor .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

DPP Chairman Democrat : Hassle Communication with PDIP

Democratic political incentive to establish communication with many parties , except the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle . Democrats feel PDIP reluctant to communicate with them .

" Although the PDI-P had opened the door , but they propose the terms . Like ( senior politicians PDIP ) Panda Nababan says , ( Chairman PDIP ) Megawati asked five requirements that must be met to be able to meet ( with SBY ) . Do not bother , " said Chairman of the Democratic Central Board , Sutan Bhatoegana , in Jakarta , Sunday 27 April 2014 .
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Chairman of House Commission VII was argued , to establish communication in politics , do not need a lot of frills specific requirements . " If you want to make this country great , do not use the terms to communicate , " said Sutan .

While Democrat spokesman said Ruhut Sitompul , Chairman of the Democratic Yudhoyono very open ourselves to communicate with Megawati . Not harmonious relationship between them that has ever happened in the past , said Ruhut , no longer shadowing SBY .

" Pak SBY If there is no problem . Just how from Mega . But their relationship will surely melt due to the near Mega already communicate with us , "said Ruhut .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Land at the Top Right to Use Only

Status tanah di kawasan lindung dan resapan air di kawasan Puncak, Kabupaten Bogor, itu hanya Hak Pakai (HP). BPN Kabupaten Bogor memastikan tidak akan pernah menerbitkan sertifikat tanah di kawasan puncak, terutama untuk wilayah Kecamatan Cisarua dan Megamendung.

"Kami hanya bisa mengeluarkan sertifikat Hak Pakai untuk lahan pertanian dan perkebunan, yang jangka waktu pakainya hanya 10 tahun, dan lahan tersebut tidak boleh digunakan untuk nonpertanian," kata Kepala Seksi Pengaturan dan Penataan Pertanahan BPN Kabupaten Bogor, Wijoyo Budi Karyo dalam seminar Peringatan Hari Bumi yang digelar Konsorsium Peduli Puncak, Selasa (22/4).

Wijoyo Budi Karyo menjelaskan, dalam kebijakan penataan Kawasan Puncak, Kabupaten Bogor, berdasarkan Keppres 114 tahun 1999 tentang Penataan Ruang Kawasan Bogor Puncak-Cianjur (Bopuncur) sebagai daerah konservasi dan resapan air tanah.

Saat ditanya banyaknya lahan Hak Guna Pakai yang berubah fungsi menjadi pemukiman, tempat usaha bahkan vila, menurut Wijoyo hai itu disebabkan lemahnya pengawasan dari pemerintah daerah.

"Seharusnya pemerintah daerah yang berwenang mengecek status tanah sebelum mengeluarkan IMB," katanya.

Banyak makelar

Sementara itu, Kepala Unit Administatur PTPN VIII Gunung Mas, Tri Hermawan mengatakan, dari 1.623 hektare lahan milik perkebunannya tersebut ada sekitar 352,67 hektare lahan yang diserobot warga dan pengusaha dan saat ini dalam kondisi sengketa.

"Ada sekitar 113 bangunan liar yang berdiri di lahan kami. Untuk itu kami meminta kepada pemerintah Kabupaten Bogor agar bangunan tersebut dibongkar karena ilegal dan berdiri di lahan milik negara," katanya.

Dia mengatakan, berdasarkan hasil investigasi di lapangan dan keterangan dari beberapa pemilik lahan dan vila ilegal yang berdiri di atas tanah milik PTPN VIII Gunung Mas, mereka rata-rata tidak mengetahui jika status tanah tersebut masih masuk dalam sertifikat HGU perkebunan.

"Di sini bariyak biyong (makelar) tanah yang bermain, karena para pemilik vila tersebut membeli tanah dari perantara dangan alasan status tanah merupakan eks atau bekas lahan perkebunan dan yang sertifikatnya dapat diurus menjadi HGU bahkan sertifikat hak milik," katanya.

Di tempat yang sama, Peneliti dari Pusat Pengkajian Perencanaan dan Pengembangan Wilayah (P4W) Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Ernan Rustandi, mengatakan, untuk menata dan membenahi kawasan puncak, tidak hanya cukup dengan membongkar bangunan dan vila liar, tapi juga harus mengusut semua oknum yang melakukan jual beli tanah milik negara.
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"Siapa yang bermain, menjual tanah ini harus ikut diusut," kata Ernan.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Election: Political Money time is Extremely Massive, Vulgar and Brutal

Partnership election observers said the practice of money politics in the 2014 election occurring more massive , vulgar , and brutal than the previous election . Not only involves participating in the election and voters , but also the election organizers .

" We have heard and received the report , money politics in this election is very massive , vulgar and brutal . Fact , some say the most brutal and vulgar compared to previous elections , " said Advisory Monitoring Partnership Wahidah Suaib in Election Supervisory Body Building ( Bawaslu ) , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

He said , based on field monitoring reports , transactional politics involved parties , candidates , party witnesses , the group organizer voting ( KPPS ) and the voting committee ( PPS ) . This was done to win a particular candidate or party .

Wahidah outlines , from 1,062 observers in the area , 129 people reported there has been a distribution of money or goods to voters to vote for a particular party or candidate ahead of polling day on April 9.

" At 31, the complainant Maluku , Papua reporter 19 people , 56 people in Central Java, the complainant , the complainant 19 North Sumatra and West Nusa Tenggara 4 reporter , " he said .

As for the distribution of money or the lure of money or goods to KPPS reported by 49 observers Partnership . That was the case in the Moluccas ( 17 people rapporteur ) , Papua ( 12 reporter ) , Central Java ( 14 reporter ) , North Sumatra ( 3 rapporteur ) , NTB ( 3 reporter ) .

" While on the D-day voting , there are 64 people who reported that our observers saw themselves money politics , " he said .

Wahidah said , it is in clear violation of the principle of the independence and professionalism of election should be upheld at all levels . Political stocking this money is very alarming because it is done openly and severity as a common .
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Not a few voters and candidates furious , complained of political practice . Unfortunately, the few who care and dare to open the report to the supervisor .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Morning Still Dark , Damaged Roads in Flyover UI It Makes Loss

Jakarta - The morning was still dark but the traffic from Gurgaon towards Lenteng Agung , South Jakarta has been solid . One point that is made ​​of heavy traffic and choked the roads damaged in flyover UI . The damaged road is located right at the end of the segment Jl Margonda , Depok Lenteng toward the Supreme .

When AFP crosses the segment on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) at 05:15 pm , traffic is already jammed . Many vehicles to slow its speed when crossing the potholes . Consequently any vehicle in tow must occur point to wait and receive the effects of congestion .
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It has been several months down the road is broken and left . There is no handling of the related department , may still doubt whether the municipal government responsibility Depok, West Java province , or city government , or the national government so that the road was also repaired .

Surely these potholes very disturbing activities of citizens . Police officers could not do much when directing traffic . They only ask that motorists be patient and careful .

Congestion point other than Depok direction toward the front of the Sunday Market in the Great Lenteng Station , morning ngetem many public transport or hung . Consequently roads taken up , and the vehicle speed is too slow .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Indonesian Foreign Debt Back Up

Bank Indonesia ( BI ) reporting foreign debt ( ULN ) Indonesia in February 2014 amounted to 272.1 billion U.S. dollars , growing 7.4 percent compared to the same month in 2013 .

" Debt Position in February 2014 consisted of public sector external debt amounted to 129.0 billion U.S. dollars and private sector external debt 143.1 billion U.S. dollars . With this development , the growth of external debt in February 2014 recorded a slight increase when compared with growth of 7 January 2014 , 2 percent ( yoy ) , "writes BI in a statement on Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .

Increased growth of external debt in February 2014 mainly affected the increase in public sector external debt position ( debt governments and central banks ) . As for slowing the growth of the private sector external debt .

Public sector external debt grew by 3.2 percent ( yoy ) , higher than the previous month's growth of 1.9 percent ( yoy ) . Meanwhile, private sector external debt grew 11.6 per cent ( yoy ) , down from the previous month's growth of 12.5 per cent ( yoy ) .
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" Bank Indonesia views the developments ULN until February 2014 is still healthy enough to support the resilience of the external sector . Going forward , Bank Indonesia continues to monitor the development of Indonesian external debt , private external debt in particular , so as to optimally support the resilience and sustainability of the Indonesian economy , " writes BI .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ukrainian troops Disband Separatist group , 11 Killed

KIEV - Ukraine waged an attack to dislodge rebels in the Donetsk region . Approximately 11 people were killed and two others were injured when troops attacked airfields in Ukraine Kramatorsk .

" The purpose of this attack to protect the people , " said President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov , as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

The attack took place after the protesters had occupied the administrative offices in cities including Donetsk Ukraine .

Turchynov added , " regardless of Russian troops and the demonstrators , there are approximately hundreds of thousands of people deceived by the propaganda of the Russian Ukraine , and that is why we take the anti - terrorist act carefully and responsibly . "
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Previously Russia requested that the Kiev government not to use force in dealing with the demonstrators . Russian Security Council urged the United Nations to take immediate action .

Seeing the action, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in a facebook account " once more bloodshed in Ukraine will trigger a civil war . "

According to the report , Russia has approximately 40 thousand troops gathered on the borders of Ukraine after the annexation of the Crimea in the last month .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2 Students in Surabaya examination answer key selling through chat

Polrestabes Surabaya secures two State high school students in the area Sememi , Benowo , Surabaya , East Java . Both sell answer keys (UN ) to his school friends with prices of Rp 150 thousand per package .

Invisible Criminal Polrestabes Surabaya , AKBP Farman said mode key selling the UN response through chatting via the internet . Two high school students were secured after finishing exams at school .
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" Both of us caught after accidentally Unas , so that they could take the test . Actually , we have monitored both long , but we are still waiting for the evidence . Now we've both caught and still we interrogation , " said Farman in Mapolrestabes Jakarta, Wednesday ( 16 / 4 ) .

According to the Word , and selling mode key answers to the UN was done by chat on one provider .

" Once agreed , the answer finally sent by the provider via email to answer per subject , " he explained .

Then , further word , both the students download the answer key UN had received via email . Then copied and sold keteman schoolmates .

" Answer it sold 150 thousand dollars per package . Yet known how the behavior because it is still under examination . And we also do not know who the provider is , " he said .


Why did Megawati Let Jokowi safari Politics Alone?

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , intense political communication with the chairman of the other party . Jokowi do it without accompanied by a mentor and Chairman Megawati Sukarnoputri's PDIP , why ?

Deputy Secretary General of the PDI - P Achmad Basarah denied if Megawati release Jokowi determine political move . In building political communication with other parties , stick to the corridor Jokowi party .

" I think there is too much to say Bu Mega never accompanied Jokowi , " said when met at the Office Basarah JKW4P , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

According Basarah , the entire cadre of PDI - P , Megawati figures not just the chairman , but also a symbol of the party . He mentioned that the PDI - P has a solid and competent machine so as to represent the party in the run political agenda .

"Hence , the affairs in the field submitted to pambantunya , to a candidate , party or structural . Should be done if all the affairs of Mega Mom , for what we have structure , " he said .

Member of Commission III was confirmed , when Jokowi establish communication with another party chairman , no mean PDI - P underestimate because it does not involve Megawati . On the contrary , official figures have Jokowi who lined up as a candidate will be considered to be very worthy of the task .

"If Jokowi met with ketum party , it means he is an important actor of the party.
Jokowi What is done in accordance with the directives of Megawati and he had met with the capacity of an external party , " he said .
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In building political communication with the other party , Megawati was never directly involved . PDI - P sent the Secretary General Tjahjo Kumolo , Chairman of winning elections Puan Maharani , and will capresnya , Jokowi , to meet with representatives of the other party . Until now , the PDI - P has established communication with almost all contesting parties . Agenda is determining the magnitude of the coalition comrades in the face of the presidential election .


Monday, April 14, 2014

AHM sales mastered 63 percent of the national market

PT Astra Honda Motor ( AHM ) I/2014 ended the quarter with 63 percent market share controls for motorcycles after successfully selling 1,254,662 units . This is evidence of public confidence in Indonesia against Honda motorcycle products .

Based on data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Association ( AISI ) during January-March of this year , total sales of motorcycles totaled 1,990,375 units, growing thin 1 percent compared with the same period last year .

Meanwhile , Honda had sold 1,254,662 units or growth exceeded the national market is up 3 percent compared to the achievement in the same period last year .

Deputy General Manager of Sales Division AHM Thomas Wijaya claimed this achievement can not be separated from a variety of the company's efforts to continue to provide the best products in each segment and the best after-sales support services are scattered in almost all parts of Indonesia .

" Throughout the quarter I/2014 , AHM actively launching tech products PGM - FI as part of the fulfillment of the commitment Honda injection . We are grateful for these products received a positive reception so that we can continue to accompany the daily activities of the people who are trying to realize his dream . "

The biggest contributor to sales of Honda motorcycles dominated the type of scooter sales . Throughout January to March this year , Honda scooter sold 904 445 units 70.7 percent lead in national scooter motorcycle market .

This achievement was obtained from the sale of the All New Honda Beat FI 497 209 units , 330,802 units of Honda Vario series , the new Honda Scoopy 68 617 FI unit , FI 6965 Honda Spacy units , and Honda PCX 852 units .

In the motorcycle segment , AHM managed to strengthen its leadership with a market share of 53.2 percent , or 226,115 units sold . The largest contribution comes from Honda Supra X series sold 111 667 units of Honda Revo series followed 86 348 units , and 28,100 units of Honda Blade series .

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Meanwhile , Honda motorcycle sport in the first three months of this year terrjual many as 124 102 units . This figure is derived from the sale of Honda CB150R StreetFire which sold over 67 330 units sold , followed by Honda Verza 150 of 41 466 units , the new Honda megapro FI at 14 139 units , and 1,162 units of the CBR series .


Friday, April 11, 2014

57.8 Million Cubic Meters Material Merapi Threatens

Center for Research and Technology Development Kegunungapian ( BPPTK ) Yogyakarta noted there are approximately 57.8 million mmasih cubic yards of material to accumulate in the upper Merapi seven rivers in Merapi . Materials that could potentially be a lava rain occurs when rain intensity is high enough .

Kasi BPPTK Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, Sri Sumarti said , of the amount of these materials , as much as 3.9 million cubic meters is in the upper Kali Woro , which is in the region of Klaten . Some time ago there was a flood of lava rain sizable Woro time , until the truck carried flood .

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Meanwhile , the highest reaching 34.9 million cubic meters of material to the west or Merapi in Magelang , namely to the White Kali , Kali Senowo , Trising Kali , Kali and Kali Apu Pabelan . Meanwhile , 19 million cubic meters to the south or Gendol located in Sleman , Yogyakarta .

'' People living in disaster -prone area ( KRB ) Merapi must be vigilant . Although it is not certain , but is expected in the event of rain with rainfall reaching 40-50 mm / hour then it could trigger a flood of lava rain , '' said Sri Sumarti .

Stressed, BPPTK constantly monitors the condition of Merapi in various ways , either via CCTV , and other reflectors . On the other hand , Chief Executive BPBDs Klaten Sri Winoto said that BPBDs and volunteers constantly monitor conditions upstream , because in time there are thousands of miners Woro sand . '' When there is heavy rain in upstream Woro time , the volunteers will warn miners to pull over , '' he said .


Give the UAE Government Award to Indonesia

UAE government gives annual awards " AIM Investment Awards 2014 " to Indonesia are considered successful in attracting foreign investment as a basis for the development of the national automotive industry .

The award is given in " The 4th Annual Investment Meeting ( AIM ) 2014 " in Dubai , Indonesia as the runner - up for the Asia and Pacific region , the Prize is given of the development of policies that encourage investment in Indonesia improving the investment climate in Indonesia , according to Consul Function Pensosbud Consulate General in Dubai , London Adiguna Wijaya told Reuters on Friday .

Head of the Investment Coordinating Board ( BKPM ) , Mahendra Siregar , delegates attended the event along with the AIM 2014 , AIM activity during 2014, the Head of BKPM be a panelist on a panel of three different sessions on various issues related investments .

In the occasion the Head of BKPM expressed among others on the situation of the Indonesian economy improved , investment and licensing issues in Indonesia as well as the positive effects of the implementation of democracy in Indonesia, which reflected a positive response to the exchange rate ahead of legislative elections .

Opportunity to attend the AIM 2014 fully utilized by the Head of BKPM with , among others, six bilateral meetings , both with foreign governments and with the private sector who want to invest in Indonesia or vice versa .

Some interesting offers as well as some investment plans will be discussed after the meeting technically AIM 2014. AIM is sector investment forum held annually in Dubai by the UAE Government and attended by hundreds of participants , both from the government officials and economic actors from various countries .

AIM is expected to provide benefits for the participants , such as information about the latest developments in both the investment climate of each country as well as globally , and is a forum to promote investment opportunities are owned by their respective countries.

AIM 2014 theme is " Investment Partnership for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Frontier and Emerging Markets " followed by 320 exhibitors from various countries , who took part of the implementation of the grand AIM 2014.
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AIM opened in 2014 UAE Minister of Economy , witnessed and attended by foreign ambassadors of friendly countries and their diplomats , government officials , academics , and regional and international CEOs .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Philippine Reproductive Law Party Hard Opposed Church

High Court of the Philippines on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, passed a law Reproductive Health (RH) which is believed to alter the fate of millions of poor families in the country. Therefore, the existence of the law is expected to control the birth rate in the Philippines.

Reporting from the news station Channel News Asia, with the law, the government health centers are required to submit condoms and birth control pills for free. In the Law, also required that schools provide education about sex.

In addition, the Act also legalized medical care for patients who have had an abortion. Health workers also will receive training in family planning.

In fact, the passing of the Act was strongly opposed by the Catholic Church. They have been campaigning to oppose the establishment of family planning for over 15 years. Therefore, the church group did not agree with contraception.

"This monumental decision re-enforce the separation between church and state affairs. Fact, re-affirmed the supremacy of secular government in various matters such as health and social-economic development," said the legislator, Edcel Lagman, who comment on the court decision.

Enforcement of the law has long been supported by President Benigno Aquino. He passed a law that since December 2012.

However, it was delayed enforcement of rules in the Supreme Court after the group petitioned the church. According to them, it does not rule according to the constitution.

Catholic Church group that became a model more than 80 percent of the Philippine population, then staged a protest against the law. They call it the devil's law. They also threatened to excommunicate Aquino.

Open Revolution

One of the opponents of the law of the hardliners, a former member of the senate, Francisco Tatad, warns enforcement of the law can open an open revolution.

"This means disobedience of civil society, at the most extreme level have shown the existence of an open revolution," Tatad wrote a column in the Manila Times newspaper comments.

In the previous Philippine political history, the Church leaders proved helped spark the revolution that overthrew two two President. Church groups also feel they have influence in Parliament and the government-owned legal entity.

Even so, not all people in the Philippines have a conservative mindset. This is evident from a survey conducted by a group of distinguished researchers, the Social Weather Stations. From the results of the survey showed 84 percent of Filipinos agree that the government should provide free family planning options. One of these contraceptives.

While as many as 72 percent of Filipinos agree with the Reproductive Health Act. The law was also approved by human rights groups of women. With the law, it can be a powerful tool to fight poverty and reduce the birth rate of 3.54 percent. That figure is the highest birth rates in the world.
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According to data from the World Health Organization in 2010 ago, more than a third of the population in Manila, amounting to 14 million live in slums and do not have access to improved sanitation.

In fact, data from the British charity, Merlin, Mother 14-15 calls in the Philippines die every day as a result of childbirth.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Asia Pacific, Sexiest Smartphone Market 2014

In recent years, the growth of the smartphone market is so high and evenly . However , penetration varies in each region .
U.S. and European regions as developed countries that have adopted the first -mentioned smartphones began to enter the saturation phase . Unlike the Asia-Pacific region is predicted to have a higher penetration than the United States and Europe .
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The report titled ` Decoding the Asian Mobile Consumer ` from the Nielsen research shows that countries in the Asia-Pacific region will experience a rapid growth trend of smartphones or can be regarded as the sexiest smartphone market .

The report said , Hong Kong and Singapore have the largest smartphone penetration with 87 % growth . Followed Malaysiadengan 80 % penetration , as well as Australian and Chinese with each penetration of 75 % and 71 % .

While in Southeast Asia , Thailand reportedly has a penetration of 49 %, followed by Indonesia with 23 % , India 18% and about 15 % Filipino .

The research results also reveal some of the factors influencing the penetration of smartphones in the Asia Pacific market in the last year . Among these factors is the recommendation of word of mouth , social media , and features . (see also: situs download film gratis)

In Indonesia alone , smartphone growth started to increase . From the report of the Central Bureau of Statistics , Indonesia is importing the mobile phones more than 15,338 tons worth shopping around U.S. $ 2.6 billion in all of 2013 .


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Remarkable wildlife event celebrates 25 years in style - BirdLife’s

The world’s largest wildlife event, the Birdfair, has celebrated its quarter century by raising a record amount for conservation. Birdfair, which is held annually at Rutland Water for three days every August, is jointly promoted by the RSPB and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust.
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A cheque for £270,000 was presented at a special reception on 4th February to Dr Marco Lambertini, BirdLife International’s Chief Executive by Martin Davies and Tim Appleton, the fair’s co-organisers. This donation will help fund the BirdLife International partnership’s work on migratory birds in the grasslands throughout the Americas, from “Prairies to Pampas”.

At the event, the Birdfair also announced that the 2014 event will raise money for BirdLife’s Marine programme.

Tim Appleton (Left) and Martin Davies (right) present <br>this year's cheque to BirdLife's Marco Lambertini
Tim Appleton (Left) and Martin Davies (right) present
this year's cheque to BirdLife's Marco Lambertini
The world's seabirds are more threatened than any other group of birds. BirdLife Partners have been engaged in mapping marine Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas around coasts, in territorial waters and on the high seas. The funds from the fair will enable the BirdLife Partnership to work with national governments and international bodies to create a network of marine protected areas. These areas will not only conserve seabirds, but will also help protect marine mammals and fish stocks.

This work will be vital if nations around the world are to stand any chance of meeting the Convention on Biological Diversity’s target of protecting 10% of marine and coastal areas by 2020.

“For 25 years, the bird fair has funded and helped promote the Birdlife Partnership’s work around the world. This is a major achievement in itself”, said Dr Lambertini. “However, it has also done so much more. The £3.34 million Birdfair has raised over those 25 years has been used as start-up funds for so many innovative projects and ideas that its legacy is so much greater. There is no doubt that the event has become a major force for conservation”

Over the years, the fair has funded a diverse range of conservation projects from parrots in the Pacific to the rainforests of Ecuador and Indonesia.
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“What started as an idea over a pint of beer between two friends, has evolved into something on a scale none of us could have imagined”, said Martin Davies. “The fair continues to grow and attract more people and exhibitors, with 350 companies and organisations in 2013 and 22,000 visitors. It goes to show that people really care about nature both here in the UK and also abroad and by working together we can all make a difference for conservation.”


Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to Take Care of Pregnant Cat Good And Right

For this post I will share a little about how the Pregnant Cat How to Take Care of Good And True that you always healthy pregnant cat and her pregnancy can be maintained safely , so for those of you that her cat was pregnant again its no good you read this article through to completion in order to can increase your knowledge in caring for a pregnant cat again .
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How to Take Care of Pregnant Cat

Probably many who do not know how old the content of this cat , well this cat gestation is approximately 65 emotion alone , but with a note that the pregnant cat belonging to the healthy cats without any pain , and his usual healthy cat was the birth of was also without having to require veterinary assistance , another with a sick cat was his usual fatherly doctor should involve his birth .

Cats are pregnant again his usual eating more , so it is better if we add portions of her until the birth of her , but before it do not forget to check with his vet how rule his diet of pregnant cats . And do not forget to give him a special vitamin supplements and also a pregnant cat that is considered important for pregnant cats .

 And for a good diet for pregnant cats is : if the gestational age of your cat is young , as well as its feed him twice a day , but if your cat trouble conceiving give parents four times a day because her baby was getting bigger cat in those days , so do not be surprised if his portion will increase.

Then do not forget to ensure that your cat good at devouring his food so that his cat healthy baby , if there is strangeness to her diet as well as her take your cat to the vet checked and in order to see what was wrong with your cat .(see also: pakan burung kenari)

Then order your cat secure and comfortable during her pregnancy , note also the right place or enclosure made ​​in his birthplace later , and try to place these in a place away from the crowd or human traffic so kodisinya not disturbed .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Moments powerful Asteroid Smash Month

Earth is fortunate to have an attack that can minimize asmosfer astroid . Without the atmosphere , can be devastating space rock hit the surface of the earth and exploded .
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Unlike Earth , the Moon is more often attacked the asteroid , so the surface of the moon full of craters . Basin crater was caused by a direct blow to the astroid surface of the moon .

As we know the Moon does not have a layer of Earth 's atmosphere as well . For the astroid attack can bring a bright light when it hit the surface of the moon .

If lucky , you can see the bright light . Astronomers such as Spain , Jose Maria Madiedo , who is also professor of the University of Huelva , the Royal Astronomical Society ( RAS ) , United Kingdom claimed to have seen an asteroid strike to the Moon on September 11 last year .

At that time , said Madiedo , he was operating two telescope and saw a glimpse of a bright flame that is almost as bright as the northern hemisphere .

RAS explain the bright light will be visible to the naked eye when it's for anyone who happened to see the moon in bright conditions and clear .

Madiedo said at that time , the result of an asteroid collision light to the Moon , mentioned lasted for eight seconds . Incident light of this asteroid to be the longest , brightest ever recorded .

" At that moment I realized that I had seen a very rare event and extraordinary , " said Madiedo tells the RAS .

two Recordings

As evidence , Madiedo have two video recordings that captured the asteroid . However, to clarify the details of the plant , researchers made a video of computer graphics .

Asteroid the size of a refrigerator was estimated witnessed Madiedo drove very fast , 61 thousand km per hour , the space rock was later turned into a liquid , evaporates creating light and creating a crater 40 meters in diameter .

Energy space rock weighing 400 kg and a diameter of between 60 centimeters and 1.4 meters was estimated at about 15 tons of TNT , three times more powerful than the most powerful asteroid collision earlier in March 2013 .
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In comparison, 20 -meter wide asteroid that hit the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, February last year is estimated to have 13 thousand tons of energy . Chelyabinsk asteroid that was classified as a medium-sized asteroid .