Monday, April 28, 2014

Symptoms of Virus Infection Identified MERS Difficult

Corona virus infection Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus ( MERS ) that appears in a number of areas Saudi Arabia and some parts of Europe such as Egypt have increased fears of international scale . Until now , all because of the increased vigilance of effective drugs and vaccines are still unaccounted for .

Meanwhile , the total reported deaths continues to rise . Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health released a total death toll has reached 102 people with hundreds of people known to be infected .
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Symptoms caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory system include cough , fever , shortness of breath , to shortness of breath. Some patients known to suffer from gastrointestinal problems such as pneumonia and diarrhea . Some had kidney failure .

According to Reuters , nearly 40 percent of people diagnosed positive MERS died . Nevertheless , it is still not known how they got infected to death because visible symptoms are not severe enough .

Reporting from Latin Post , professor of the Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre at The University of Queensland , Ian Mackay said in his blog based on limited previous studies , it remains unclear how the virus spread MERS . Chances are, he added , because the symptoms of MERS does not vary much with other respiratory tract infections .

Strongly recommended for patients with respiratory disorders gelaja to wear a mask when in public areas to avoid spread of the virus . In particular , its use in the clinic also hospitals where patients with the above symptoms .

In Saudi Arabia , MERS cases increased from just one to three cases per day to 10 cases per day . WHO said some states also reported cases of MERS since April 16 . At least MERS cases known to be in Arabia , the United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Tunisia , Malaysia , Philippines , UK , Germany and France . Most of the cases , either directly or indirectly related to the East Tengah.


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