Monday, April 14, 2014

AHM sales mastered 63 percent of the national market

PT Astra Honda Motor ( AHM ) I/2014 ended the quarter with 63 percent market share controls for motorcycles after successfully selling 1,254,662 units . This is evidence of public confidence in Indonesia against Honda motorcycle products .

Based on data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Association ( AISI ) during January-March of this year , total sales of motorcycles totaled 1,990,375 units, growing thin 1 percent compared with the same period last year .

Meanwhile , Honda had sold 1,254,662 units or growth exceeded the national market is up 3 percent compared to the achievement in the same period last year .

Deputy General Manager of Sales Division AHM Thomas Wijaya claimed this achievement can not be separated from a variety of the company's efforts to continue to provide the best products in each segment and the best after-sales support services are scattered in almost all parts of Indonesia .

" Throughout the quarter I/2014 , AHM actively launching tech products PGM - FI as part of the fulfillment of the commitment Honda injection . We are grateful for these products received a positive reception so that we can continue to accompany the daily activities of the people who are trying to realize his dream . "

The biggest contributor to sales of Honda motorcycles dominated the type of scooter sales . Throughout January to March this year , Honda scooter sold 904 445 units 70.7 percent lead in national scooter motorcycle market .

This achievement was obtained from the sale of the All New Honda Beat FI 497 209 units , 330,802 units of Honda Vario series , the new Honda Scoopy 68 617 FI unit , FI 6965 Honda Spacy units , and Honda PCX 852 units .

In the motorcycle segment , AHM managed to strengthen its leadership with a market share of 53.2 percent , or 226,115 units sold . The largest contribution comes from Honda Supra X series sold 111 667 units of Honda Revo series followed 86 348 units , and 28,100 units of Honda Blade series .

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Meanwhile , Honda motorcycle sport in the first three months of this year terrjual many as 124 102 units . This figure is derived from the sale of Honda CB150R StreetFire which sold over 67 330 units sold , followed by Honda Verza 150 of 41 466 units , the new Honda megapro FI at 14 139 units , and 1,162 units of the CBR series .


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