Friday, April 11, 2014

57.8 Million Cubic Meters Material Merapi Threatens

Center for Research and Technology Development Kegunungapian ( BPPTK ) Yogyakarta noted there are approximately 57.8 million mmasih cubic yards of material to accumulate in the upper Merapi seven rivers in Merapi . Materials that could potentially be a lava rain occurs when rain intensity is high enough .

Kasi BPPTK Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, Sri Sumarti said , of the amount of these materials , as much as 3.9 million cubic meters is in the upper Kali Woro , which is in the region of Klaten . Some time ago there was a flood of lava rain sizable Woro time , until the truck carried flood .

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Meanwhile , the highest reaching 34.9 million cubic meters of material to the west or Merapi in Magelang , namely to the White Kali , Kali Senowo , Trising Kali , Kali and Kali Apu Pabelan . Meanwhile , 19 million cubic meters to the south or Gendol located in Sleman , Yogyakarta .

'' People living in disaster -prone area ( KRB ) Merapi must be vigilant . Although it is not certain , but is expected in the event of rain with rainfall reaching 40-50 mm / hour then it could trigger a flood of lava rain , '' said Sri Sumarti .

Stressed, BPPTK constantly monitors the condition of Merapi in various ways , either via CCTV , and other reflectors . On the other hand , Chief Executive BPBDs Klaten Sri Winoto said that BPBDs and volunteers constantly monitor conditions upstream , because in time there are thousands of miners Woro sand . '' When there is heavy rain in upstream Woro time , the volunteers will warn miners to pull over , '' he said .


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