Sunday, April 20, 2014

Morning Still Dark , Damaged Roads in Flyover UI It Makes Loss

Jakarta - The morning was still dark but the traffic from Gurgaon towards Lenteng Agung , South Jakarta has been solid . One point that is made ​​of heavy traffic and choked the roads damaged in flyover UI . The damaged road is located right at the end of the segment Jl Margonda , Depok Lenteng toward the Supreme .

When AFP crosses the segment on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) at 05:15 pm , traffic is already jammed . Many vehicles to slow its speed when crossing the potholes . Consequently any vehicle in tow must occur point to wait and receive the effects of congestion .
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It has been several months down the road is broken and left . There is no handling of the related department , may still doubt whether the municipal government responsibility Depok, West Java province , or city government , or the national government so that the road was also repaired .

Surely these potholes very disturbing activities of citizens . Police officers could not do much when directing traffic . They only ask that motorists be patient and careful .

Congestion point other than Depok direction toward the front of the Sunday Market in the Great Lenteng Station , morning ngetem many public transport or hung . Consequently roads taken up , and the vehicle speed is too slow .


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