Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Moments powerful Asteroid Smash Month

Earth is fortunate to have an attack that can minimize asmosfer astroid . Without the atmosphere , can be devastating space rock hit the surface of the earth and exploded .
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Unlike Earth , the Moon is more often attacked the asteroid , so the surface of the moon full of craters . Basin crater was caused by a direct blow to the astroid surface of the moon .

As we know the Moon does not have a layer of Earth 's atmosphere as well . For the astroid attack can bring a bright light when it hit the surface of the moon .

If lucky , you can see the bright light . Astronomers such as Spain , Jose Maria Madiedo , who is also professor of the University of Huelva , the Royal Astronomical Society ( RAS ) , United Kingdom claimed to have seen an asteroid strike to the Moon on September 11 last year .

At that time , said Madiedo , he was operating two telescope and saw a glimpse of a bright flame that is almost as bright as the northern hemisphere .

RAS explain the bright light will be visible to the naked eye when it's for anyone who happened to see the moon in bright conditions and clear .

Madiedo said at that time , the result of an asteroid collision light to the Moon , mentioned lasted for eight seconds . Incident light of this asteroid to be the longest , brightest ever recorded .

" At that moment I realized that I had seen a very rare event and extraordinary , " said Madiedo tells the RAS .

two Recordings

As evidence , Madiedo have two video recordings that captured the asteroid . However, to clarify the details of the plant , researchers made a video of computer graphics .

Asteroid the size of a refrigerator was estimated witnessed Madiedo drove very fast , 61 thousand km per hour , the space rock was later turned into a liquid , evaporates creating light and creating a crater 40 meters in diameter .

Energy space rock weighing 400 kg and a diameter of between 60 centimeters and 1.4 meters was estimated at about 15 tons of TNT , three times more powerful than the most powerful asteroid collision earlier in March 2013 .
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In comparison, 20 -meter wide asteroid that hit the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, February last year is estimated to have 13 thousand tons of energy . Chelyabinsk asteroid that was classified as a medium-sized asteroid .


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