Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to Take Care of Pregnant Cat Good And Right

For this post I will share a little about how the Pregnant Cat How to Take Care of Good And True that you always healthy pregnant cat and her pregnancy can be maintained safely , so for those of you that her cat was pregnant again its no good you read this article through to completion in order to can increase your knowledge in caring for a pregnant cat again .
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How to Take Care of Pregnant Cat

Probably many who do not know how old the content of this cat , well this cat gestation is approximately 65 emotion alone , but with a note that the pregnant cat belonging to the healthy cats without any pain , and his usual healthy cat was the birth of was also without having to require veterinary assistance , another with a sick cat was his usual fatherly doctor should involve his birth .

Cats are pregnant again his usual eating more , so it is better if we add portions of her until the birth of her , but before it do not forget to check with his vet how rule his diet of pregnant cats . And do not forget to give him a special vitamin supplements and also a pregnant cat that is considered important for pregnant cats .

 And for a good diet for pregnant cats is : if the gestational age of your cat is young , as well as its feed him twice a day , but if your cat trouble conceiving give parents four times a day because her baby was getting bigger cat in those days , so do not be surprised if his portion will increase.

Then do not forget to ensure that your cat good at devouring his food so that his cat healthy baby , if there is strangeness to her diet as well as her take your cat to the vet checked and in order to see what was wrong with your cat .(see also: pakan burung kenari)

Then order your cat secure and comfortable during her pregnancy , note also the right place or enclosure made ​​in his birthplace later , and try to place these in a place away from the crowd or human traffic so kodisinya not disturbed .


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